Will at NINE!

Will turned NINE years old this Tuesday! NINE. I love his amazing heart, how perceptive he is re: others' feelings, and how much team spirit he has for whatever he's involved with.

Grandma & Grandpa set him up just right for school:

And we went to lunch on Tuesday with Will's BFF from school & his family to Will's current favorite restaurant, Phoenicia. (DELISH shawarma, kibbe, cucumber salad, bulgar pilaf, Athenian pasta salad, pita, and the MOST AMAZING cheese puff that I don't even have words to describe... Not to mention gelato & baklava desserts to blow your mind!)

Here's Will's annual favorites list. (I love seeing how it changes, year to year!)

Favorite food: wings - plain, no sauce or seasoning, with ranch [stunned! over pizza! over mussels!]
Favorite snack: caramel rice cakes with peanut butter
Favorite song: "Eye On It" by TobyMac & "Harlem Shake" ("Gangnam Style" was #1 a good portion of his last year ;-))
Favorite sport: football (tackle, not 7-on-7)
Favorite sports star: Julio Jones (NFL Falcons) & Kyle Busch (NASCAR)
Favorite subject: math
Favorite show: Garfield & Slugterra
Favorite movie: Wreck It Ralph
Favorite toy: iPod during the day, stuffed animals to snuggle at night
Favorite app: Minecraft
Favorite computer game: Poptropica
Favorite thing to do as a family: all watching football together & riding bikes with Daddy to Mr. Donut on the weekends
Favorite Wii game: Madden NFL
Obsessed with: Falcons football
Future job: NFL star
Favorite number: infinity
Favorite board game: Memoir '44 (& Ticket to Ride all this last year)
Favorite trip: Tweetsie [He actually drove the train this year for 500 ft :-D]
Favorite books: Garfield series, The Odd Squad: Bully Bait, Secret of Shakespeare's Grave


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