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My parents flew in from NC on Tuesday! Will & Annelise call them "LaLa & Grandaddo". :-) They are certainly getting the full picture of what our daily life is like! :-D They had 5 minutes after walking in the door to be ready to go with us to football & cheer practice. :-P On Wednesday, I made them go to the gym with me, and Mom took half of my Zumba class while Hersh treadmilled. After hot tubbing & steaming, we ate lunch at Pappasito's (DIVINE!), ran my normal crazy errands (Trader Joe's, Costco, Home Depot), back to our town to pick up the kids from school, and sent JB & Will off to football practice while we went to Target & H-E-B for further provisions (since they saw football & cheer Tues night and will see it again Fri & Sat...and they're not quite used to Houston heat! :-P)

Thursday morning, we went back to the gym: Mom & I did yin yoga ♥ ♥ ♥ ...followed by bubble tea! ;-) Hershel is the newest addict - he loves a mango slurpy (just fresh mango blended with ice; same thing the kids love, too. :-)) We then went to the kids' school to surprise them for lunch!

[I only came to eat with Will twice all last year (before his Eureka science program) and I never ate with Annelise; so this was an extra special treat for everyone!]

What else, so far? Ah, Grandaddo made the kids' latest dream come true: Rainbow Looms :-D "All the rage" these days, :-P sold out at Michael's...but not at Learning Express! ;-) The kids are both weaving as I type... (We'll see what they actually produce... ;-))

One last thing: my mom watched the show Double Divas last night. It's about two ladies who own a lingerie shop & do bra fittings near Atlanta. I saw an episode this spring, just b/c I didn't change the channel after Project Runway...and it absolutely made me grin! :-D I'd never sit down to watch a show about lingerie - it just doesn't sound like my thing at all. But these girls are funny, super crazy Southern (polar opposite of snobby), and throughout their hijinks, they truly help women & are sincerely judgment-free. They are precious. (And if I still lived in Georgia, I would absolutely take a road trip for a fitting! ;-))

So I've done my daughterly duty. Hersh is now addicted to bubble tea drinks & my gym, and my mom to Double Divas. :-P

Wonder what we'll get into next?


  1. So glad you all are having this fun time with your parents!! Enjoy and we'll look forward to hearing what else you do on their visit!

  2. This post made me crack up, because my friend Noel (the one moving to Atlanta), was *just talking* about this show on Sunday, and how she loved it. She went to the store and said the women were awesome. :)


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