Gelish: 4 Weeks Old & New Football Mani

The quality of my 2013 summer signature neon purple "You Glare I Glow" polish by Gelish is amazing! I've only done two applications since mid-July. They both lasted four full weeks CHIP-FREE! The only reason I had to remove & redo was that my nails had grown out so long & strong. The bare half moons to my cuticles didn't look very nice, and my nails were so long, they were actually starting to hurt a little. What did it look like? Here you go! Pardon the bad nighttime kitchen lighting:
Grown out four weeks - you can see how long they really grew on the underside; and see how much I cut off?!?!

So now that summer (the schedule, *NOT* the heat!!!) has left us, it's time for FOOTBALL MANIS! I want team spirit nails this entire season. Our youth football team & my cheer squad are the Falcons (same logo & colors as the NFL Atlanta Falcons) so I'm going red, silver, black, white, & football. ;-)

I'd never done an accent nail before, b/c I never felt a reason to. In this case, 10 footballs is too much, but one on each hand is the height of cuteness! For the footballs, I did two coats of Sweet Chocolate (metallic brown) & drew the white laces free-hand with a toothpick dipped into Sleek White (the same pure white I use to do French tips). For my silver nails, I used Magneto Iron Princess. After they were cured, I topped them with a non-Gelish "normal" drugstore glitter polish (Spoiled by wet n wild "Shuffle the Deck") I'd found in our perfect colors. Love it!

Annelise got in on the polishing action, too...with Grandaddo's toes in all different colors!!! :-D


  1. I love the football nails! What a clever idea, and I agree, it would be silly to do all ten that way. :)


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