"Say Something" + Texas Brisket

Saturday = youth football Game Day #2! I won't keep you in suspense: we lost, again; but it was nowhere near last week's blow out. (If fact, our offense was out there almost the entire time; the only way the other team scored more was special teams: they kept returning our punts for TDs. :-/) Even though we lost, there was a much better vibe from the boys this week, and my cheerleaders were stellar. The opposing team's squad didn't even have a halftime dance ready, yet; we have THREE done, with three more in the works. (Am I an overachiever or a drill sergeant? :-P Both. ;-))

This week's was "Say Something" by Austin Mahone.

(This week's video is hazy on the right, angled low, on the opposite side from the music, & closest to the 3 girls who have missed the most practice :-P but I was busy coaching, so I'm just thankful for any film any parent will share with me! :-D)

Halftime huddle:

Precious game faces (mine's on the right w/ his mini "gun" ;-))

We were obviously STARVING post-game, so in the spirit of trying to show my parents the best of quintessential Houston, we hit up The Brisket House for true Texan brisket:

I still smell of oak & pecan smoke...


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