Soaked Scrimmage

Anyone who really knows me knows how much I *hatehatehate* getting wet when I haven't planned on it. Swimming & showering = fine. But if I get shot with a water gun or pelted with a water balloon? Prepare for a nuclear explosion of fury!!!!! I run like crazy to avoid the tiniest sprinkle, and don't you dare splash me as I sit beside the pool. I like to say, "Sugar melts." :-P :-D ;-) HA!!!! But tonight... Tonight the heavens opened and POURED forth...right in the middle of our cheer practice and literally 30 seconds before we were supposed to walk across to the football team to cheer their scrimmage.

I am proud (& slightly surprised!) to report that not only did I not flip out, I kept the girls pushing through to finish their stunt, I was happy about it, and *I* championed waiting out the storm to finish our scrimmage. :-D (I released the girls, but all the football families stayed. :-))

Proof positive:
[I reserve the right to again despise getting rained on at any future first drop.]

We *did* get an hour of practice in before the deluge. I'm so excited to have the girls use our fan cheering signs: "D" "*fence pic*" "G" "O" "F" "A" "L" "C" "O" "N" "S" "Go" "Fight" "Win" - and the boys looked solid tonight, too!

See, it started out sunny:

And then this:

And then this:

Waiting out the lightning:

Strong finish:


  1. Ha - I'm exactly the same way, avoiding unexpected "wettings" at all costs! :) Proud of how you took one for the team!

  2. Another reason to love you. I swear Susie you are the greatest! :) To make a positive out of a negative. Is true INSPIRATION!!! You know I admire that so much in you!!

  3. Thanks, Tracey, for understanding how monumental that genuine smile was!!! :-D

    Brandie, you are so edifying!!! I am SO THANKFUL for *YOU*!!!!!


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