Falcons WIN, Again!

Our youth football team won our 2nd game Saturday! And we didn't just win... It was 53-0!!! Now before you say, "Oh, Susie - that doesn't sound like good sportsmanship, running up the score," - we didn't try to! After the first twenty points, JB pulled our main players and shuffled everyone around. Boys who never get a chance to shine got their moments on Saturday in a big way! SIX different players (instead of just our one superstar) scored touchdowns...including - get ready for it - WILL BLAKE!!!!!!!!!! He scored on special teams by running back a punt on the last play of the game!!! My heart almost burst out of my chest... (You better BELIEVE video is forthcoming! :-D)

This game was monumental for us. Our poor team has had a tortured history: it was formed as an expansion team in our league two years ago; they won zero games, and that 1st coach was out. Last year, we moved here and JB got to be an assistant; but they only won one game, and that coach was a nightmare. When JB took over this year, there was relief, excitement...and pressure. I can't tell you how many times he's had to talk down stressed parents, (& we all remember the one time he couldn't get through.) We also have two players who are constantly recruited by other teams: "Don't stay with the losers. Come feel what it's like to win!" Yeah. (Youth football in Texas, y'all! :-P) So for our boys to get to feel this win was well-deserved and a long time coming! They're growing every week; now we've already doubled our wins from last year ;-) and the season isn't even over! We're in 5th place in the standings (not 8th!) and we are finally *competitive*. It feels so good to know all of the hard work & dedication is paying off!

And not just with football, but with cheer, too! I had another cheer coach come up to me Saturday, go on & on re: what a "great job" I've done with my squad, and thank me profusely for posting all of our cheers online for everyone to use. She said they only had five or six cheers (really???) until she got my channel, and she is just so grateful. I was bowled over! I know a lot of coaches keep their cheer lists to themselves; it *IS* a toooon of prep work!!! But I like sharing, b/c I want people to be willing to help me, if I need it, too! :-D

I actually brought my camera with me for the first time this season on Saturday, so I'm thrilled to have lots of pics from our big day!



Defense in action:
[Will: far right]
[Will: far left, already rushing the QB, causing a fumble! Will Blake yelled, "JJ SWATT!!!! :-D]

Silly break & sparkle pile:

Annelise flying with "Fight":

Winning team post-game break-down:

Surveying their sweet victory...


  1. So excited for the team - and for Will!! How neat that he got to score!!


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