Fall + Football in the South

I saw these earlier this week, and thought, "YEP!"

It's so true... While in other places we've lived, people are flipping over the first snowfalls & freezing at Friday night football, we have perfection: chilly upper 50's at wake-up time, 80°F by afternoon. Impossible to ask for a better fall!!! (Hey, these highs & lows are fully 20° lower than summer on both ends! It's a change! :-))

More gorgeousness?

Final practice huddle tonight before tomorrow morning's game... Fall + football + Texas sunsets = bliss


  1. This weather is nice, isn't it? That's the reason I love fall the best!

  2. THANKS!!! I took it with my new iPhone zoomed in from all the way across the field, too - very pleased with it! :-)

  3. I know you don't read for pleasure (…much), but I have a book recommendation for you and JB, because I keep thinking of you guys and the whole "year round" football thing you've encountered down South that we never see in the Midwest…it's Malcolm Gladwell's "Outliers". The book is absolutely fascinating, talking about everything from kids playing sports to Bill Gates, and how people go from good to great.


  4. Great minds, Heather: I bought him a signed copy of "Outliers" one Christmas, and I've bought him "David and Goliath" for his bday this Sat. ;-) Gladwell is one of our faves!


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