Friday Surprises

I got a brilliant surprise on Friday: JB was *home* from work when I got back from strength class! I asked if everything was ok? :-P He had just finished everything that needed to be done, so his boss said he could go on. (!!! Have I mentioned before that I love our life here? ;-)) So, since we were both home and child-free until school got out, we decided to go on a midday date: we went to Alamo Drafthouse for lunch + a movie!!! I love the places that serve full meals to your seat during movies. I had a delish beet/goat cheese/chicken/arugula wrap with fries and an ancho chile chocolate shake. :-) We saw "Captain Phillips" = Tom Hanks is amazing. I was bowled over by the last 10 minutes... It was one of the most honest performance sequences I've ever seen on film. Oscar-caliber.

Sidenote: we also got to go last Saturday night (two dates in one week?!? Our last date before that was...ummmmm...yeah...) and they played "What Does The Fox Say" during the movie preshow. We took a pic, b/c we knew the kids would FLIP! (It's their fave! :-P)

Friday evening felt almost as dramatic as our earlier-in-the-day movie! ;-) #1: Our long-suffering van totally died after football/cheer practice. Our football BFFs live in that neighborhood and drove back over to help us. It wouldn't take a jump or anything. :-( #2: Our former neighbors from south GA flew into Houston Friday, and we had dinner reservations together for right after practice. EEEK! So, THEY came and rescued our stranded selves. :-P Hysterical that they came all the way from GA to give us a lift to dinner. ;-) We didn't wallow in van misery, b/c we were dining on Antonia's Italian Ristorante's finest & catching up on Leesburg news like no time had passed. :-D I hate that this happened with the van; but honestly, it was the best possible scenario for it: in a safe neighborhood where we have many friends, together with JB, not raining, at the start of the weekend where we could do with one vehicle, (instead of me, by myself, somewhere in the middle of Houston, in the pouring rain, when no one could get me, I'd miss picking up the kids from school, etc.) God is always looking out for us!!!

Postscript: we did have to leave the van where it died overnight. After our early morning football game Saturday, AAA came to tow it to our auto shop... I *hate* that there's a place I call "our" auto shop, b/c we're there so often. They seem to keep garnering every extra cent we save, b/t JB's engine & my van's a/c earlier this year. *sigh* But still so thankful they do an honest, fair job very quickly, and that it's back in our driveway as I type. :-)


  1. As you say - glad things happened with the van as they did! How nice that you got some time alone with your husband!


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