Going to Disney Reveal

We have been trying to make a Disney World trip happen for our kids for over two years...and my parents are making it a reality!!! ♥ (The footage is quiet, so I added captions. ;-))

I love their synchronized responses and that sweet Annelise initially thought they had already gone & were calling to tell her about it. :-P

No, we've never taken them before. We have spent almost every single hour and dollar budgeted for vacays in the last decade to go home to NC & MI. (BIG post on that in the works. ;-)) When I told my mom back in May that it felt so stupid to spend the ridiculous amount of $$$ to fly home to NC for Christmas when any other time would be so much cheaper and any other place would be a new fun family adventure together, her wheels started spinning. My little brother's BFF (another brother to me) is getting married in St. Augustine on the Saturday after Thanksgiving; we just could not invest that much for all four of us to go for one afternoon...but since it's a holiday week with no football or kid conflicts, my mom agreed it's the perfect time to add Disney and make the trek worthwhile! The kids are the *perfect* ages; we really wanted to be able to give them this experience while Annelise still cares about princesses (she's teetering on the edge of being over them!!!) and Will still gets wide-eyed with wonder. ♥

I only went once growing up - my brother & I were almost their same ages! - and it was pure magic. I vividly remember my dad going on & on about "how magical" our trip was...and let's just say, he was NOT a particularly ebullient man. ;-) It was one of the happiest family weeks we ever had! I don't see us becoming "a Disney family" (I have tons of non-Floridian friends who go at least once or twice EVERY year) just b/c there are so many other places we want to see and explore now as a family, (again, more on that soon) but I have always dreamed of experiencing the magic I remember my parents feeling with me with my own children, and we're all ecstatic that it's finally really going to happen now!


  1. What fun!! I know y'all will look forward to and totally enjoy the trip!

  2. we just recently decided to take Andrew to Disney as well!!! We discovered that he will get in for free, so now we are trying to decide when it would be a good time to go, etc. decisions, decisions!!! LOL

  3. Awesome! Your kids really are the perfect ages. So cool!

  4. I totally agree with you…they are the perfect age to go, and I totally do not understand the people that go repeatedly. I went with my family probably a dozen times growing up (once to Disneyland, the rest of the times were Disney World/Epcot). It's *new* and *awesome* the first time, but after going repeatedly, it was no longer fun, and it definitely had less attraction the older I became.

    BTW, so happy you found a compromise that worked with everybody. :)


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