Paint the Field Pink + Aerial Camera Views

This Saturday was "Paint the Field Pink" Day for Breast Cancer Awareness for our youth football league, so the girls wore their pink "Cheers for the Cure" shirts, black/pink ribbon socks, and used our awesome sparkly pink poms.

The girls did our FAVORITE dance of this year at halftime. I think it's our fave, b/c 1) it's marching band music, so it feels like they are "real" ;-) high school cheerleaders! 2) It starts with two stunts for a total of 10 different fliers, so there are LOTS of "I'm a superstar!" moments. :-D [Annelise flies in the very center of the 2nd stunt. ;-)] (I'm a tiny, tiny bit disappointed that the rest of the dance looks kind of sloppy. :-/ Annelise was one of the worst offenders, too! :-O But overall, I still love it! :-D)

I have two different views to share. #1 from a parent on the sidelines - very hard to hear the music, but a closer view of the girls:

#2 from our *AERIAL CAMERA* that the team uses to film the game action! The music is loud & clear, and you get a better overall view, although the girls' faces aren't close at all:

Can I tell you how much I *lovelovelove* having this aerial camera? I love seeing the game footage of our boys and another view of the girls. Last week, it was angled correctly to catch our run-through banner break we do to open each game:


  1. Awww...they look so cute!! You're doing a great job with them!

  2. Thank you SO MUCH for saying that!!! :-)


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