Our kids' school's PTA chose Boosterthon this year as their major fundraising event. The students get pledges (per lap or flat donation) and have a "fun run" during their normal P.E. time on Boosterthon Day...which was today.

Now honestly: running + fundraising = two things I utterly despise!!!!! If we would have had this in *my* elementary, I KNOW I would have been "sick" on Boosterthon Day. Oh, the dread!!! :-P But - thank you, Jesus! - my kids were totally fired up! :-D And you know what else? It was *FUN*! I volunteered to man the water station during 2nd & 4th grade, so I got to watch the whole thing. The gym was decked out with Boosterthon flags, the adults had poms to wave, the official Boosterthon host was really engaging & encouraging with the kids, there was an inflatable tunnel to run through at one end, and the whole thing was DJed to fun music. (OK, so maybe I would have made it back in the day running laps to awesome music in school. ;-))

The goal # of laps to complete was 35. (That's the max lap # donors will be charged who pledged per lap.) On the opposite side of the gym from my water station, other parent volunteers used sharpies to tick off the # of laps completed as each kid ran by on the back of their Boosterthon t-shirts. Will ended up running 52 (!!!) and Annelise did 40!

Will was moving so fast, I was lucky to get 2 action shots.

My fave is Annelise signaling "2 laps to go!" (top left)


  1. Wow! 52 laps! I definitely would have quit at 35. :) Way to go!!

  2. You and me, both!!!! :-D (If I made it THAT far! ;-))

  3. Now, *that* is a fundraiser worth doing…it promotes active kids, and 100% of the money goes to the school (as opposed to some third-party company operating as a pyramid scheme!).


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