First Week of Thanks

Every November, people feel compelled to start listing their thankfuls. I endeavor to actively share my thankfuls year-round, but I'd never begrudge something that gets more people in the thankful spirit!!! :-)

I started early. ;-) Thankful for:

Our football win Saturday, October 26th.

Getting to sing another gorgeous solo in church Sunday, October 27th. ("Waiting Here For You")

One of my 4th grade cheerleaders, who - when she had "What Do You Want To Be?" Day at school - went as me to be a cheer coach! :') Oh, my heart...

70°F Tuesday morning, the 29th (instead of 63°F the day before = Annelise broke out w/ her cold urticaria walking to school! At 63°F!!!! :-/ But so thankful to be in this climate as opposed to anywhere else we've lived for her); for a gorgeous morning for Yoga in the Park to start back; and for phở lunch w/ another sweet friend!

That even though I was 3 minutes late (storm traffic!) to the gym for the 1st time ever Wednesday, the 29th (I'm usually 20 minutes early!) I was able to call in fr/ the car, I didn't stress, & it was all good, b/c w/ Member Appreciation Week, everyone was enjoying the yummy free breakfast spread outside my studio and barely noticed I was slightly behind! Plus, there's no class right after mine, so we just went over time to get all 16 songs in...and then we ate MORE Member Appreciation food to refuel! Never underestimate how good a basic PB&J bagel can be...

Someone also bringing homemade pumpkin pie to share on Wednesday morning made with fresh pumpkins he roasted himself. Holy deliciousness... I *MORE* than refueled after Zumba!

My Thursday Yin yoga teacher saying he noticed I wasn't feeling 100%. It felt good to have someone whom I trust to lead my yoga practice actually notice that & say something. I woke up muscle-achy & w/ a sore throat. :-/ Yoga followed by a venti 8-pump no-water Sbux chai w/ sweet friends helped, though, for a bit. :-)

Halloween awesomeness!

Epsom salt baths. B/c by the time I got through cheer practice Friday night, November 1st, I was a shaky, achy mess. And that soaking bath really *did* help!

Saturday, November 2nd's football game not being until noon, (meaning we were there at 10:45 opposed to 6:55 AM when we have the 8:00 game, like last week & next week.) I needed that slower morning, still feeling sicky.
That, even though we lost, this was NOT our last game!

And finally, my husband bringing me bubble tea Saturday afternoon after football to help me feel better! ♥ ♥ ♥


  1. What a great list of thankfulness! Love the 4th grader dressing up as you!!


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