Second Week of Thanks


For a restful Sabbath Sunday, November 3rd.
For the Redskins Sunday football win. (Yes - I am actively thankful for this. If you've ever heard me yell at the TV during a Skins game, you understand how intensely valid this thanks this. Not kidding.)
For the time & motivation to catch up on two months & 13 pages of digital scrapbooking during football.

For adrenaline & dance endorphins to get me through teaching Zumba Monday morning, November 4th, while still feeling under the weather.
For precious class members whose energy & smiles lifted me up even more.
For the hot tub & steam room afterwards.
For the pouring rain turning to light drizzle just when I had to get in & out of the car.
For my kids' snuggles.

For creating a new bubble tea addict friend & sharing quality chat time with her Tuesday, November 5th.
That gas has been under $3 for over a month - $2.80's now.
For sleeping on fresh sheets.
For getting a surprise Shipley's donut delivered to my doorstep!
For picking up a present that I know will thrill its recipient.

For the most GORGEOUS walk to school Wednesday morning, November 6th, under warm, blue skies!
That I took a rare leap of faith to get on the tollway & avoided a big traffic jam - $1 well spent!
For getting to know another Zumba class member as a more personal friend.
For Costco samples of brie & pepper jelly on rosemary flatbread, sirloin beef tips, dark chocolate, & 3 Lärabars.
For taking an extra hour to run some errands for other people, b/c I know it will bless them!

For getting to watch my kids at Boosterthon on Thursday, November 7th.
For a stellar 2nd-annual-for-us Ladies Night Out at Ace Hardware with my BFF, Jen! The entire store - including their crazy cute boutique - was 20% off. I got a Mud Pie black & red houndstooth scarf (I'll be sporting on Falcons game days!) and new nuts & bolts to fix Annelise's megaphone. ;-) So many yummy dips, snacks, desserts, & sauces on sample!!!

For seeing a hot air balloon on the way to school with the kids Friday morning, November 8th = magical!
That the van smells AMAZING now after leaving my door prize (a holiday scent sachet) from Ladies Night in there. Never underestimate how powerfully a good scent can boost your mood!
That Bonnie Blue (our beagle :-)) snuggled up against my legs to keep me warm all night and again in the morning:
[Happiness is a warm beagle...]
For being able to go to strength class.
For getting quality time with Will on Early Dismissal Day while Annelise had a painting party! :-) We actually came home instead of eating out to have his fave lunch that Sis doesn't like: potstickers! Mmmmm! Also cooked our s'mores pizza from elementary school Spirit Night at Papa Murphy's for lunch dessert followed by couch snuggles! [Although it DID seem funny to chow on s'mores pizza while watching "The Biggest Loser" :-P (Hey, guilt-free! I went to strength class... ;-))]
That Annelise got to have that painting party with her school's art teachers:

For Falcons sunrise spirit earrrrrrly on Saturday, November 9th!
That it was JB's birthday!!! I am so proud to be married to this amazing man who loves me & our kids SO VERY MUCH, is an honorable coach & role model, and is giving me my dream life. ♥ ♥ ♥

That we got to spend Sunday, November 10th with good friends, sharing NFL football and Midway Barbeque to continue celebrating JB! ♥


  1. Your list makes me smile - love your gratitudes!!

  2. You keep reminding me that I need to try Bubble Tea! I know I would be completely addicted though. I already share your passion for a Chai latte from Starbucks!

  3. Oh, Emily! Bubble tea *is* so addictive!!! :-D I just looove it! My fave place in IL is Joy Yee (in Naperville: 1163 E. Ogden Avenue in the Iroquois shopping center)


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