Downtown Aquarium - Houston

We have had the most fantastic staycation, so far! JB has been home all week (minus Monday the 23rd - but I had to teach Zumba, anyway, so no big deal; so thankful I didn't have to find a sub! Holiday subs = nightmare to secure!) We've seen Disney's Frozen ("I'm Olaf, and I like warm hugs!" ♥), explored a new restaurant (fantastic chips & such good soup! also stellar surprise: Mexican lasagna!), snuggled on the couch catching up on DVRed movies while separating THOUSANDS of Rainbow Loom bands with the kids into their new band boxes with divided sections, and scored deals on a few after-Christmas sales (holiday scent Ulta 3-in-1 shower smoothies = the kids' fave; macaroon smells like lavender! & I had to buy jeans, b/c all of mine are *TOO BIG*!!! Yay for Old Navy super sale and a size of jeans I have *NEVER* owned in my adult life!!!)

On Saturday, we wanted to do something special - something Houstonian - in the city: the Downtown Aquarium - Houston. We went in with low expectations - the online reviews are awful; but if you don't go expecting a huge research aquarium like Chicago's Shedd Aquarium (we were members in 2009! :-)) or the Georgia Aquarium, and you go knowing it's a Landry's restaurant (a la Rainforest Café) with an aquarium & several rides attached, it's amazing!!! We had a ball! They have the best stingray-touch tank (most active & friendly) we've ever done, we had a big lunch discount with JB's Landry's Select birthday credit, the tiger experience was so much better (closer & more active) here than the zoo, and it's perfect for a 2 or 3 hour visit instead of taking all day.

Stingray Reef:


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