O Come, All Ye Strep-ful

This was sooo NOT in my last-week-without-kids-before-Christmas plans: Will was sent home from school yesterday...with STREP! Whaaaat?! He's on antibiotics for just the 3rd time in his 9 years of life. (I'm crazy against overusing antibiotics!!!) Argh. So he had to go to Zumba with me today & sit in the corner of the studio while I taught, so he wouldn't infect anyone in childcare. :-P He feels *fine* ...which was extra maddening that he had to miss school today; but he's 100% now tonight & has a doctor's note clearing him for tomorrow = extra important b/c tomorrow is gingerbread house afternoon w/ BFFs!

We made it work: I still got all our Christmas cards done last night (I did something very different this year! You'll see soon... ;-)) and got them in the mail this morning. Having Will along actually helped, b/c I got to drive in the HOV lane, which got me to the gym insanely early, which gave me enough time to stop at the post office before Zumba instead of after. The line was nonexistent!!! :-) Yay for finding the blessings!

Another bonus: when we went to Target to get his prescription, we ran into a precious friend of mine here who I've been missing. We just haven't been able to find any time to get together - even our plans yesterday were thwarted at the last minute - but God made the time for us. :-) And He made it productive, b/c we both had to be there to get our stuff, anyway. Joyous!

Prayers of health over all of us and our families this holiday season!!!


  1. Glad Will is feeling better - and that you were still able to get things accomplished!

  2. I'm glad that Will is feeling better. And how nice to be able to see the silver lining!


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