Post-Disney: Uncle Matt's Wedding

We left Disney Saturday morning, November 30th, after our last huge breakfast buffet and drove up to St. Augustine for my little brother's best friend's wedding. Matt is as much of an uncle to the kids as my real brother, so we were thrilled to be able to make this special occasion. (His wedding was the ultimate reason we made the trip to FL when we did!)

We had the most fun dancing the night away at their reception...

One of my good friends from high school actually married Matt's older brother, so I love getting to see Susan, too, when we're with their family!

Passed out for their 8th & final night in a hotel...

Our drive home on Sunday the 1st was...long...but we had quality family time, and we loved watching Christmas DVDs together. :-) And the sunset we drove into as we reached the Houston city limits was GORGEOUS!!! What a welcome home!!!


  1. I've loved reading the recaps from your trip! What wonderful memories y'all made!!

  2. Thanks, Tracey! We really *did* make great memories!!!


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