Turf Bowl Tough, Trophies, & Triumph

We interrupt this Disney recap to bring you the closing of the 2013 JV Falcons football & cheer season:

The Turf Bowl - our league Super Bowl - was this Saturday, the 7th...on a RECORD COLD day for Texas! Thank goodness we're not in Dallas or Austin, b/c they had an ice storm; but 33°F with a wind chill in the low 20's is COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE!!! You can imagine we were less than thrilled to have to pull our yankee snow clothes out of the recesses of the closets. :-/

The division below us this year didn't have cheerleaders, so we were asked if any of our girls would be willing to also cheer that Turf Bowl (do an opening Hello cheer, the Pledge of Allegiance & Texas Pledge, make a run-through tunnel for the players, and then do one of our old dances at halftime.) Of course, I was all gung ho about his honor and getting our amazing girls some more "shine time" for all their hard work ...but no one thought this weather would be possible. Last year's Turf Bowl? 70°F & everyone got sunburned. (Shoot, it was over 80°F last week Monday-Wednesday! Why couldn't it have just held on?! :-D ;-)) I had five rockstars who still accepted the challenge and showed up like champions for the extra Turf Bowl; we performed with girls from one other squad in the league (the Broncos) and a local high school cheer squad, (which was really special for our girls!)
[My fab five!]

The rest of our girls came for our divisional Turf Bowl, where we did the same things, but with every squad in our division and danced to our own special new halftime song - a winter wonderland remix.

We were VERY PLEASED to be granted access to the visitor's field house to keep warm b/t the opening & halftimes!!! :-D [Yes, Annelise's face broke out :-( but I let her cheer & dance both Turf Bowls, b/c she could wait in the field house warmth. I monitored her like a hawk! That part was not fun :-/ but...] The girls had a blast staging a dance party with the other squads and just having some hang out time with their friends.

After our halftime dance, we got our trophies with the football team!

This was a huge deal. You do NOT get trophies in our football league, unless you are a semi-finalist for the Turf Bowl or higher. This is the first year this team has EARNED trophies EVER! :-) It means so much more than a blah participation award.

We had our team party on Sunday:
[It was at a local family restaurant, but their party room just happened to be Falcons colors!!! ;-)]

So yeah. The season is officially over. To be honest, it's bittersweet. While we'll be glad to have a break from the "obligation" of practices and all the prep work, we're going to miss being together, and especially getting better each week!!! ...But I'm excited that we already have families who are talking about coming back and everything we can do "next year"!!! :-D Success.