Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Thank Yous

Must brag on our girl: she wrote almost THIRTY thank you notes yesterday & this morning for all her bday party thanks! ♥

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Daddy Daughter Dance

Adding to the glory of Annelise's bday weekend, Saturday night was the "Daddy Daughter Dance" at church! I had been bummed that many of the neighboring elementary schools here had had their Daddy Daughter Dances back in February & March; I didn't want Annelise to miss out! Even though her school didn't host one, our church came through: they called it "Spring Fling :-) and JB initiated the whole date with her on his own. ♥

They danced, Sis ate tons of cupcakes, and she made a fingerprint flower pot craft. :-)

[Don't feel bad for Will: he was in heaven, staying home with LaLa, teaching her how to play Ticket to Ride!]

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Biggest Bday Party EVER!

Annelise chose Chuck E Cheese as the venue for her 7th bday party Friday evening. [Ugh, Chuck E - I know. I have to say, though, CEC is a great bday location, b/c they are one of the only places that lets you bring in your own cake & drinks. Making the kids' cakes is important to me, and we do *NOT* do coke for kids! It's awesome not to have to pay for junk that you don't want to use/have. You do NOT have to buy any of their party packages. We pre-booked nothing: we had a walk-in party (yes, even for this many people) and the only thing we paid for at CEC were the game tokens. I hate paying for overpriced party accoutrements I don't want, so CEC is actually ideal. Plus, I didn't have to clean anything before or after!] We had *34 KIDS* ...and it was wonderful! I never would have guessed that EVERY KID IN ANNELISE'S 1ST GRADE CLASS except for 2 would actually RSVP yes! :-D (Those were the first 17 kids, and then we had 17 more friends whom we are close with that we wanted to be there.) Everyone had a ball, and we were so excited that so many sweet friends were able to attend!

I was proud of myself for trying to get a group shot first thing, but it was hard to gauge when "everyone" was there! :-D :-P Here's the first half of Annelise's party guests to arrive...

And a few more... (Missing 14!)

I made Annelise a castle cake. (It had sparkly purple tulle in the turret tops and a glittery green "7" candle that we removed here to cut. :-)) Everyone also got fresh cut strawberries & whipped cream, too. Mmmm!

All hail the Token King!

"Who wants just cake? Who wants just strawberries with their cake? Who wants cake, berries, AND whipped cream?" [Please, this should not be a question. :-P]

Conga for free tickets...

"BACK OFF, KID! MY SISTER IS THE BIRTHDAY GIRL!!! SHE'S FIRST!!!" [How hysterical is this pic? And look at Annelise's classmates behind Will charging in, as well! :-P They did not actually get into it; in fact, I hadn't noticed this happened until I went through the pics, but that's why it cracks me up!]

Virtual rollercoaster fun!

Ticket chomping to close out the evening...


Thursday, April 25, 2013


Our Prinkie Punky Princess Pumpkin Peach Annelise turns SEVEN YEARS OLD TODAY! She chose family dinner at Zoës Kitchen and got to open her gifts from all the grandparents just now. ♥ She blesses me every.single.day...

Thursday, April 18, 2013

First Green Tomato

I picked my first tomato of the season on Tuesday from our backyard. :-) [Tomatoes in pots on the porch = the only gardening I have remotely any interest in.] I wanted it a tiny bit bigger, but I was afraid I saw tinges of red beginning, and I'm growing mine for my personal fried green tomato crop. ;-)

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Photo Catch-Up

So, I do a steady job with any pics I upload to FB...but until this week, I was three and a half months behind on scrapbooking and almost five months behind updating our old family website. [Why do I even bother keeping that old thing up? This blog is so much better, but apparently there are a few people who only look there; the bigger reason is that we have an amazing old web hosting rate from 2001 that we just don't want to give up. :-P]

*DISCLAIMER* I know some of y'all are like, "3½ months behind? WHATEV! I haven't done anything with my pics since 2007!" But my pics are my highest priority. Some of y'all are obsessive about cleaning your homes, others about reading tons of books, still others about month-ahead menu planning, or gardening. My house is usually a dust bunny haven, I haven't had the urge to read a book of fiction in ages, I don't enjoy gardening at all (except for tomatoes in pots on the patio), and with our various evening family activities (football M & W, gymnastics T & F, etc.) and odd schedules (sometimes JB lunches at 11 AM & is starving; other days at 2:30 PM & isn't hungry at all) we don't usually make a big deal out of dinners, except on the weekends. [We ARE all together; but the meals are not a big production. It's healthier for lunch to be your biggest meal, anyways. :-P] But my kids' childhoods are completely documented!!! :-D It's just what I find a ton of personal value and satisfaction in; no judgement on anyone who doesn't feel the same. It means a lot to us, b/c having moved around so much, the kids have a hard time remembering what happened where and esp. with whom, even just a couple years ago. ...But if any of you crazy cleaners wants to come clean my house, I'll digiscrap for you!!! ;-)

So yeah, being that far behind on my digital scrapbooking is A LOT: 17 PAGES!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Our 11th Wedding Anniversary

We are so blessed... We spent our 11th wedding anniversary on Saturday the 13th at Annelise's soccer game:
She won the MVP medal for her team! We then headed to the kids' elementary school for their big annual Bonzer Bash festival. Not quite a romantic get-away, but honestly, this *is* why we got married: to do life together, to make a family and to revel in it! ♥ ♥ ♥

After the school fest, we dropped the kids off at their friend's and went out for a nice Italian dinner. They even brought us a special dessert and champagne for free!!! Mmmmm, tiramisu...
[No, I didn't have time to change into some occasion-worthy Lilly dress after soccer & Bonzer Bash. Yes, I wore my hat & sunglasses the whole time. It was kind of perfect, since ΦΔΘ really brought us together! :-) That, and it was really windy at our outside table!]

Finally, we came home to relax with this crazy yummy Au Chocolat Sparkling Wine (a la World Market :-D) and enjoyed smelling the GORGEOUS roses & calla lilies JB had delivered for me! ♥ ♥ ♥

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Hello & Goodbye, Sweet Friends


I got a fantastic surprise Sunday afternoon when an old friend who lives in Hattiesburg, MS said she was flying into Houston last-minute on business for that night only and wondered if we could have dinner. Divine! Her other friend picked her up at our airport three hours later, and we met up closer into town. We ate at Cyclone Anaya's:
And I converted her into a bubble tea believer! :-D

B/c we talk so much over FB, it felt like we hang out together this way all the time. We didn't need to catch up, as much as enjoy each other's company. I was most appreciative that she took the time, even at the last minute, to say, "Hey! I'm coming!" Even for just a couple hours together. B/c we have moved around so much, it means the world to me when I get to see my friends who don't live close by, even for just a meal = priceless.


When Lilly Pulitzer passed away Sunday, I was shocked at the number of FB condolences *I* personally received. :-D I love that so many friends associate me with Lilly. That's an honor! I am so thankful for the light & joy her style has given me. "Pizzazz" is defined as "an attractive combination of vitality and glamour" - her brand has definitely added to my personal pizzazz!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Soccer Sis

Annelise played her first soccer game day on Saturday! This season is her first opportunity where her dance/gymnastics/cheer & Will's baseball/football haven't conflicted, so she actually has the chance to play. I'm glad for her, b/c she's wanted to try it, and she's a GREAT runner. (JB & I still agree soccer is one of our least fave sports ever¹ :-P BUT) she had fun, played hard, looked adorable, made a great stop in her few minutes as goalie, never hung back, mixed it up with the boys² (aww, yeah!) and is excited for next week = success!

¹Please stop saying, "If she gets into it, maybe you'll love soccer." Will played three seasons before football; of course I *LOVE* watching my kids play their best at ANYTHING!!! And esp. when it makes THEM happy (...but I still don't enjoy the sport. Just my kid doing it ;-))
²Yes, she's on a co-ed team, playing with boys. I love that!!!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Texas Bluebonnets: Easter Sunday 2013

True Texan dream come true: finding a field of bluebonnets to play in on Easter Sunday! Breathtaking...