American Girl of the Year 2014

What better way* to welcome in the New Year...than by getting the just-released-yesterday American Girl Doll of the Year, Isabelle?!?! (*if you're 7 years old ;-))

Annelise has been saving the bulk of her allowance for over a year, and last fall, when JB told her she had enough to possibly buy another American Girl doll on her own, her wheels started spinning. She looooves her Caroline. (It was super important to me for her to have a historical doll *first*.) The historical dolls are the most amazing!!! But she is still a bit young for the books (she has the whole Caroline series, so we have tried; she's just not quite there, yet.) And that's where I think the Girls of the Year fill the gap so nicely. Their stories are much fluffier. :-D
Historical Caroline: "As the War of 1812 begins, so does the story of Caroline Abbott's bravery. She loves sailing with her father, but when he's captured, Caroline must help keep the family's shipyard running. When she sees a chance to rescue her father, Caroline discovers that she must use her mind and heart to guide her decisions."
Girl of the Year Isabelle: "Isabelle Palmer is excited to start the dance program at Anna Hart School of the Arts. Then she realizes how talented her classmates are. Keeping up is a challenge—until Isabelle discovers a unique talent to truly call her own."
I mean, please - war, her father a POW, & Caroline sailing to rescue him?! In a couple years = AMAZING! But right now, it's a little easier for a 2nd grader to relate to a girl who takes dance and learns a new skill...b/c it's what she does right now, too. (FWIW, Annelise still adores her Caroline, but she *does* play with her as a present-day girlfriend; not as an 1812 girl, yet.)

A ridiculous number of her friends (literally 3 of her 5 BFFs!) got 2013's girl, Saige - a redheaded artist. Annelise liked her, (loved her movie! Yes, they release a Girl of the Year movie each year now,) but she didn't beg to buy her, so I never suggested. As soon as we found out about this year's, though, that was *IT*. Isabelle dances (even though Annelise gave up dance for gymnastics, it makes me so happy that she still considers herself a dancer w/ cheer dances, etc. :-D) and then Isabelle learns how to sew & starts designing costumes! Annelise has been obsessed with the idea of getting a sewing machine and learning how to sew, herself! It doesn't hurt that this girl looks *JUST LIKE* Annelise, too. She honestly just couldn't be more perfect for someone Annelise's age, who feels too old for the babies, but doesn't really grasp the drama of the historical dolls, yet. (Brilliant marketing, AG! ;-))

So this morning, (after yoga for me! YAY!) we made Annelise's first purchasing pilgrimage to our Houston American Girl store. *cue the magical harp music* ;-) She had saved her money, she walked in proudly, and she picked her Isabelle. Proud mama. This was all her! Since this was the big Girl of the Year release week, they also had a special free craft she got to do: coloring mix-and-match paper pieces to create different outfit combinations for an Isabelle paper doll.

Other fun-for-us Isabelle bonuses: her clothes are actually SUPER CUTE!!! Nicely detailed, embellished, and a color palette we love. (I personally couldn't dig on Saige's southwestern vibe. ;-)) Also, Isabelle has a PINK WEAVE! I am not kidding. And WE LOVE IT. [I mean, my mom bought Annelise a rainbow weave at Disney! :-D] Seriously: she has trendy magenta clip-in extensions, and with our history of red spirit hair for cheer & hair chalk after the last day of school, it just fits in this household. ;-)


  1. My girls saved up for their American Girl dolls, too - and we love visiting the stores!!

  2. That's awesome! And your daughter looks *just* like you!!


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