Mobile Blogging?

I am embarrassingly late to the party: I just discovered that Blogger has a mobile app. :-O (To be fair, I did search for one the first couple years I had my iPhone. I guess I just didn't look in the last year or so!) So here's my personal mobile beta test. ;-) Maybe I'll blog even more often now (& shorter? :-D) since I can do it on my phone? The only thing I can't figure out is how to add links within the text on here. (Help?)

Here's my random picture test:

Do any of y'all blog on your mobile devices now instead of or more often than on your laptops? Any tips or hints to share? (I'm excited to see if this formatting looks the same when published. If not, you know this was a test! :-P)


  1. WHAT?!? When I got my iPhone last year, this app did *NOT* exist. Just downloaded it. Too bad you can't access your dashboard on it though…hmmm, so you still need another app to read other people's blogs.

  2. Validation!!! I *know* checked for it last year, too, & didn't find it, either. It's got so many holes, but it'll help in a pinch.


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