Off My Wall: TV, Food, Fun

Random shareworthies for the week on my mind and off my FB wall:

* I got 4" cut off my hair last Sunday...and no one noticed. :-P Also, I had chlorine green blonde for the 1st time in my life in winter!!! I didn't even think about my ponytail hanging in the hot tub after Zumba! :-O Happy to report that a home remedy of baking soda/water paste removed all the green, no problem. :-)

* PSA: Blue Bell Red Velvet ice cream is DELICIOUS!!! I wouldn't have chosen it (most red velvet-flavored things fall disgustingly short, esp. if you've ever had my mom's REAL cake!) but Will got it for me as a surprise...& surprise, it did! The white ice cream even has a hint of red velvet, and the big chunks of red velvet cake are quality. I asked my mom if she sold her recipe! :-D

* I stumbled upon the cutest new reality show: Kim of Queens. I don't get into all the Real Housewives or any of that...but I am a such a sucker for the ones about dance and like Cheer Perfection. :-P Just like Double Divas, it's a potentially unappealing topic (that's bras, this is pageants :-D) but the super sweet genuine people with crazy Southern flair just make it awesome!!! This lady is honest, funny, & has a heart of gold. And even better??? She's right where we used to live outside Atlanta!!! Literally 15 minutes from our old house. I'm sure we've been at the Mall of Georgia together at the same time before. :-D

* The kids took a kids' yoga class at the gym on Wednesday after school. It was a little more playtime than serious flow (Annelise was prepped for Yin!) but they had silly fun while still learning some poses. I did it with them, and the biggest shocker: Will says he can't wait to go back! "Sushi roll" kids:

* My mom shared this recipe she found for flourless blender muffins. I haven't tried them, yet, but I figure posting them here will help me remember. ;-) I'll cut down (maybe omit?) the sugar, based on the comments & the fact that my bananas are crazily overripe.

* The Polar Vortex slid down here last Monday & Tuesday and even made it cold enough to freeze a fountain here on Tuesday morning, but PRAISE THE LORD we're getting back to acceptable winter temps:

* I took my 1st Barbell Strength class on Friday...and it was HARD! (They switched this with my old fave Strictly Strength, so now SS is at the same time I teach Zumba on Wednesdays = I can't go. :-/) Barbell uses actual barbells with different plates to add weight; we even do the "clean & press" a la the Olympics. :-P Strictly uses a dumbbell in each hand along with some resistance bands. I'll learn this one, but it definitely was a challenge - esp. getting all the right equipment to start!

* Friday night the kids discovered The Dukes of Hazzard reruns on CMT. Oh, my childhood! My brother & I loved that show!!! :-P

* We ate a lot of freekeh this weekend - another "superfood" grain and a really tasty alternative to brown rice, bulgar wheat, or quinoa. Costco has huge bags for ~$6. Thumbs up!!!

* On Saturday, we drove into the city for Will's dream event: "The World's Greatest Hobby on Tour" train show. He saw this once before with Grandma & Grandpa when he was little, and when he caught the commercial earlier this week, it was all he could talk about. He has been saving his allowance for over a year (just like Annelise did for Isabelle) and made an amazing choice at the show:
A genuine keepsake he can pass down to his own children but that he's also responsible enough to play with and enjoy now: the "large scale" Bachmann model train set of our beloved Tweetsie Railroad - truly the purchase of a lifetime for him.

* We ate lunch Saturday at Ninfa's Original on Navigation - delicioso Mexican with a fantastic atmosphere!!!

* We also took advantage of the GORGEOUS weather to have fun with art - Monument Au Fantome at Discovery Green:

* My boots & hair were on national TV (on ESPN) this morning for a few seconds! :-D (ESPN came to film our youth football league Turf Bowl for a youth football story they were working on. :-)) Cool!


  1. Looks like you've been busy doing lots of fun things!! Have a great week!


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