Daddy Daughter Dance Night

Saturday night was JB & Annelise's Daddy Daughter Dance. ♥ They got ready...
And we all went out to a fabulous family dinner at our fave, Taste of Texas. Mmmmmmm... Sweet note: one of the desserts there is served with a sparkler...which when it burns smells *exactly* like our family's beloved Tweetsie Railroad. We hadn't seen the sparkler at the table behind us, but the instant he smelled it, Will quietly looked over at me. His eyes welled up with a few honest tears, and he whispered, "I sure do miss Tweetsie." It may sound silly, but it was honestly one of the most precious moments of my life - to see his genuine display of quiet, pure emotion. ♥ Melted me to bits.

Will & I dropped off our daddy & daughter, and we ran a few errands: bookstore and Bath & Body Works. (He has decided he loves the scent of "Ocean for Men" - I know now what his teen years will smell like! :-D *sniff* :'))

JB & Annelise had a ball! They had a carriage ride, gelato, danced, and rocked the photo booth:


  1. What sweet memories for your daughter!!

  2. this is too cute! glad they had a good time! :)


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