Elsa, the Betta

The Blake family has expanded by one: welcome Annelise's crowntail betta, Elsa! (a la Frozen ;-)) [& yes, she's really a boy fish, but we don't have gender issue hang-ups, so she can rock her Elsa-dress scales with pride! :-D "She's not getting married or having babies, so it doesn't matter." Ha!]

Last summer at church, everyone who memorized their Bible verses got their names put in a bowl to win a fish. Annelise asked us if she could still get a fish, even if she didn't win, as long as she memorized all her verses. JB said, "Sure," ...and then we all promptly forgot. Fast forward to last weekend: "Remember when you said I could get my fish?" They never forget. ;-)


  1. Ha - no, they never do forget!! Hope all of you enjoy the fish!

  2. No, they never forget...but mine tend to remind me at the worst times. Like Rachel reminding me that I need to paint her fingernail while we're in Target. I can't do it now; remind me at HOME!


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