February Already?!

How is it February already?! January absolutely FLEW by!!! Notes on the last week or so...

* My sweet mom had a total knee replacement surgery last week and came through great. :-) She was only in the hospital 3 days and is rocking her PT at home. It obviously wasn't a fun thing, but I'm so excited for her healing & (eventually) pain-free future!!!

* Will is addicted to "The Dukes of Hazzard" (yes, from 1979) & Annelise sings the "Frozen" soundtrack nonstop, often at the top of her lungs. (Where does she get that??? ;-))

* And how cute is she with Bonnie Blue Beagle here???

* I did plow pose in an Ashtanga yoga class for the first time last week. (I usually just take Yin yoga, but I actually had time to stay after for Ashtanga Thursday. :-))

* I FINALLY sat down & digiscrapped our Disney trip - this is HUGE!!! I was really guilt tripping myself over procrastinating, but it was such an overwhelming project: 17 pages. (I'll share the pages when I get them uploaded to Shutterfly.) So now onto Turf Bowl, Gingerbread Houses, Christmas, Downtown Aquarium, New Year's, American Girl, the Alamo...

* I ate too much (what else is new?!) at our friends' super fun Super Bowl party. Oatmeal raisin cookies are healthy-ish...until you eat ten. :-P

* Annelise had the roughest tumbling class of her short life on Monday - her normal coach (who coddles her & whom she obviously adores) had a sub...& this guy was awesome - pointing out every single error to fix! But my perfect pumpkin broke down, b/c her average passable was being called out for corrections. It stung a twinge to see her cry, but she needed this!!! I loved it.

* I had my biannual dentist visit Tuesday = scheduling another crown (...and not a gorgeous sparkly one atop my head, either.) :-/ In a desperate grasp for the silver lining: 1) I'm thanking God for dental insurance, 2) it's way less work than I needed last year, 3) I definitely deserved Sbux afterwards. ;-) This latest one has been on the radar for two years; I just wasn't ready for the ax to fall today. (And technically, I could wait on it a little longer still - there's no pain associated; but I'm scared to risk it breaking on its own & then "just a crown" not being an option to save it.) I am SO THANKFUL, though, to NOT BE MOVING anymore, so I can stick with the same dentist for longer than a year or so, and truly get consistent care!!!

* Will will be taking a King Cake to school on Thursday to celebrate his Half Birthday. (Summer bday kids often bring treats for their class on their Half Birthdays. :-P Cute!) It *must* be store-bought [nothing homemade] with an ingredients list [allergy liability], and luckily our grocery store makes DELICIOUS ones for $5! Will LOVES that his half bday is close to Mardi Gras! This is becoming a tradition. :-) Now for me to figure out how to cull an extra slice for myself of out the 19 needed for his class...

* Speaking of cake, I *lovelovelove* the way Will sings "Sugar, Sugar" which he learned as the "Cake Boss" theme song: "Sugar, sugar! Ahh, honey, honey! You are my family, girl!" :-D

* BIGGIE: we have to buy or lease a new vehicle by the end of this week. :-O JB's car is dead in the driveway. We rented an extra car last week, and this week, I was blessed enough to have a fantastic friend recommend me for a free week-long GM test drive.
God knew we'd need it this week, and it's been the most wonderful gift to not only enjoy this fully-loaded luxury truck, but to get an extra buffer week to plan our real purchase. [I HATEHATEHATE spending money on depreciating assets!!! Barf. Stress-o-rama. Pray that God will make it very clear which vehicle we need to get and whether we should buy or lease. (No, beloveds. It won't be my dream Jeep. :'( Jeep time comes when the van finally dies...which, while I would love a Jeep now, really needs to hold off a few more years!!!)]


  1. Will be praying for wisdom in your vehicle purchase!!

  2. I am so thankful for your prayers, Tracey! We really need it! :-)

  3. Yay for doing plow! I love that pose. I've done a supported head stand…once…against a wall, and that is the toughest "intermediate" pose I've kinda, sorta pulled off. I went to a Vinyasa class recently that was way past my ability, so I have to reign myself in and not do something that will cause pain.

    We feel *exactly* the same way about cars. People in the Detroit area think we're nuts that we don't want to spend an insane amount of money on cars (go big! go expensive!).


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