Monogrammed Yoga Mat

Y'all know good & well that I will monogram anything & EVERYTHING I possibly can. The latest & greatest: my new yoga mat!!!

JB & the kids gave it to me for Christmas, and I had my lady (yes, I have an embroidery lady just a quick text away! :-D) monogram it in gold thread for me. I cannot tell you how many people have stopped me in the yoga studio to ask where I got it!!! Even the yogi in the kids' class we take together on Wednesdays after school went nuts over it today. :-) Pleased as punch!!! 


  1. Perfect!!!!!! (Turner would be so jealous of doing a yoga class! Boo to living in the boondocks!)

  2. I am so surprised at how much Will is loving it! I had to drag him to the first one, and now it's a highlight of his week! (He has also requested his own yoga mat with a Falcon (for our football team) on it. :-P Ummm, probably not. ;-))


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