Off My Wall: Fan, Vet, Shattered, Warmth, Yay!

Random shareworthies for the week on my mind and off my FB wall:

* I got to sing in church last Sunday, and the sweetest thing happened: a random little girl walked up onstage at the end of the first service while most of the congregation was filing out the back. She stood there for a second looking at me, so I bent down & smiled, "Hi! What's your name?" One thing I feel really comfortable with is having conversations with kids, so I just chatted with her for a while until her mom got up to the apron of the stage. I introduced myself to the mom, and she said, "She just saw you singing and said, 'Mom, I have to meet her.' She saw a kindred spirit!" ♥♥♥!!!!! I mean... Is there a higher compliment? My heart is still so full that the Holy Spirit made a connection with this young girl via our worship music.

* After church last Sunday, we made the pilgrimage most American families seem to have made to The LEGO Movie. :-D "Everything is awesome!"

* Bonnie Blue beagle had a PERFECT vet visit!!! She's almost 12 (*gulp*) & you never know what's going to show up as they age; I was honestly dreading this visit, but the vet couldn't stop going on about her perfect condition, esp. as a "senior citizen". ♥ Yay for our old lady puppy!!! Silly rolling on her back:

* This is the 2nd large Pampered Chef batter bowl we've shattered in 5 years. :'( I am NOT a mom who does well cleaning up messes; I'd rather sit & cry until my prince swoops in...but my prince has done enough by tackling my most dreaded daily chore (dirty dishes) so I got this. Fun fact: tiny shards of glass are invisible in water on the floor, but your hand will easily be able to find them...

* There was a huge ice & snow event in the southeast this last week. I was so happy my friends back in NC & ATL were enjoying the snow...and even HAPPIER that I didn't have to be near a single nasty freaking flake!!!! God bless Texas!!!! :-D I flipped with joy when I saw our forecast last Thursday. It's been WAAAY colder than normal here this winter - average Jan/Feb highs are low 60's with lows in the 40's, but we've had so many days in the 30's & 40's. We did *NOT* move here for that crud!!! So thankful for the forecast change and the gorgeous blue skies & sunshine we've finally got back!!!

* On Thursday afternoon, Will biked home from school with a buddy, and since he beat me & Annelise (we walked :-)) he started his homework in the driveway. :-) It was such a gorgeous afternoon, we all plopped ourselves out there to read & soak up the vitamin D! After paying my yankee snow dues with loooong winters in WI, MI, & Chicago, it would be a sin not to fully revel in this answered prayer!!!

* I'm not big on boxed meals, but I couldn't help but try a Cooksimple meal starter when their "Non-GMO Project Verified" label caught my eye at the store. I love their story, and their Cowboy Chili was a hit with ALL FOUR members of this household = unheard of outside pizza & plain pasta! (It wasn't spicy enough for JB, which is precisely why the kids still liked it; but he could add hot sauce = no problem.)

* CONGRATULATIONS, ANNELISE!!! She handed me an envelope (right before bed, of course :-P) from school...with a notice that she's been cast with a special speaking part in her big 2nd grade musical on March 6th!!! She wants details of the musical to be super secret, though, so I can't even tell you what it's about, b/c she won't let me know, yet. :-D