Run 4 The Children

I've said it for years: "I do NOT run."

But I admit, I have been curious as I've grown in fitness via Zumba what I could be able to do *IF* I ever tried. I've seen friends on FB who say they couldn't make it through one of my classes w/o taking a break do 5k's, and 5k's seem so "trendy" yeah. I was curious.

But not looking to actively do anything about that curiosity...until Run 4 The Children.

We have a bunch of friends who have or are in the process of adopting children, and this race is an annual fundraiser benefitting adoption. When our worship leader encouraged us on the Praise Team to sign up, I shockingly thought, "Why not?" It's a rare family-friendly (even stroller-friendly) professionally chip-timed 4-mile race that has a 2-mile shortcut. I *knew* the kids & I could - at the very least - walk 2 miles, so we could sign up to support the cause, get to be a part of the party, and run/walk pressure-free. I wouldn't need to worry about being mowed down by professional runners using this race to qualify for their next marathon. :-P

I still couldn't believe I had voluntarily signed up to *run*, but when I picked up our shirts, bibs, & packets Friday morning, it felt real. :-) [They were for me & the kids; JB was at an all-day youth football league board meeting.] Of course, we were thrown a couple wrenches: 1) Annelise fell off her bike Friday afternoon & shredded her knee into a bloody mess! I'm talking 3 giant extra-large bandaids. And 2) the kids were up until after MIDNIGHT Friday night at open gym while we went out for Valentine's. (Their normal bedtime is by 8 PM!) Surprisingly, neither had a negative impact: the kids woke up cheerful & ready to run on Saturday, and Annelise swore up & down that her knee did not really hurt. Thumbs up!

We were still wavering on whether we'd run the 4-mile course or take the 2-mile shortcut, even at start time. :-P Will wanted to run out ahead of us; I gave him permission to run ahead of me as long as he promised to never ever leave the course and stay always in view of people in our race. (I was VERY familiar with the route and many people running, so I really did feel it would be safe.) I stayed with Annelise the whole race. When we hit the shortcut, she wanted to take it, and I talked her out of it, b/c we were doing so well. I'm SO GLAD I did, b/c she absolutely had it in her to not only complete the whole distance, but to BEAT WILL by 4 minutes! :-D Awww, yeah!

Ready to start!

Action selfie to prove I really did this!

3-mile mark!

Seeing Will sent Sis charging ahead with fresh steam ;-)

Girls finish 4 minutes ahead of Will!

Family success!

And now for your viewing amusement, our complete in-race commentary! :-D

I'm still not a running convert. (I can't imagine having to actually train for a run! Running by myself would be the height of boredom for me - I don't want peace & solitude, I want a pack of friends pumping me up! :-D) I'm definitely where I belong in Group Fitness, but I could do this race annually. :-) It HAS to have a big party attached at the end to make me show up! :-P Doing this race was fun, b/c there were tons of happy people interacting (not spacing out in their own worlds with their ear buds) & a big celebration at the end. Plus, it was a GORGEOUS day! I simply require the shared enthusiasm & energy of others in a party atmosphere to willingly exercise, (which I guess is why Zumba has stuck with me! :-))

I will say, though, I was honestly shocked at how much more I felt I could've done, had I been w/o offspring. ;-) Annelise & I ran the entire first mile, then alternated run/walking the rest...and I was dying to drag her faster & faster. I was in full-on cheerleader "you can do it!" mode the entire time. :-D

So, curiosity satisfied. Not only could I do a 5k, but my kids & I did a 6.4k! (4 mi = 6.4 k) That's one check mark that was buried awfully deep on my bucket list. ;-)


  1. Actually sounds like fun!! Glad the kids enjoyed it, too!

  2. Running a race is an experience, isn't it? I ran one last year for our pregnancy center, and it was fun...but hard!

  3. Congrats! I like to run because it's an efficient way to burn calories. I am a solitude person, and I absolutely hate running unless I have music going.


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