Texas Truck Owners

We bought a truck. Because we live in Texas now, so it seems fitting. :-P

Seriously, JB's beloved almost-12-year-old Aztek bit the dust last month (the engine repair would cost more than it was worth) so we had to bite the bullet & replace it. It's no secret that 1) I hate spending $ on cars = depreciating assets, and 2) saving & prepping to buy a house here next year is WAAAY more important to me! ...But I will be the 1st to admit, our lifestyle is not conducive to being a one-car household, (trust me - my cheap self tried several days in b/t rentals & test drives over those 3 interim weeks!) so we finally took care of business last Saturday.

It's a new 2013 (yes, I know that's last year, but it was still new & just cheaper than model year 2014) sterling grey Ford F-150. Oooo & ahhh! :-)

It will be sooo great hauling all our football equipment, and truthfully, I'm excited to ride in it out on the beach!

We were really blessed to get an UNBELIEVEABLE trade-in deal on the Aztek. It was literally worth maybe $50? Pristine Blue Book value was $500, and we all know it was far from pristine... But God worked it out! We had to have it towed to the dealer, b/c it literally could not make the 20-minute drive w/o dying, but we ended up getting a TON of credit toward the truck = praise!!!

I was a bit misty to see it go... It was my primary vehicle for two years before we got the van when Annelise was three weeks old. It was the vehicle that brought both of our babies home from the hospital. It was the one of the few constants we had over all of our crazy moves...

Thanks for keeping us safe all those years!

Closing fun note: on our lunch break (Grub Burger Bar! OMIGOSH! ♥) from the truck quest, we saw a real General Lee!!! Now *that* made me smile (& Will flip out! :-D)


  1. Such a beautiful truck!! My husband used to have a blue one and it was the best-riding vehicle we've ever owned! I also couldn't believe how roomy it was. We took it on a family trip to Disney World and it felt so spacious. Hope y'all make many happy memories with that truck!!

  2. Thank you so much for saying that, Tracey! You just boosted my purchase confidence even more! :-)

  3. The former GM employee bought a Ford truck? :P

    Of course, I'm one to talk…I'm from a "Ford family" and I'm on my second Honda. :)

  4. I will never support GM, again, if I don't have to! The way they jerked us around for a decade = no way! Not that I have any love for Ford, either. :-P No one in the country thinks of cars the way people in MI do. :-D


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