Throwback Thursday x3

I love this social media trend, but I never get around to posting for it, myself. In the last week, however, random hometown acquaintances have surprised me in my FB newsfeed with THREE throwback shots of *my* mug!!! So now I have #TBT to share:

My three-year-old preschool class newspaper clipping! I love that I still know some of these people today. Can you find me? [Clue: the photog should've told me to put my knees together & sit up straight!]

Little elementary me! (I have to be younger than Annelise here. I wore this sweater in my Kinder school pic, but I think this is probably 1st Grade? Could be 2nd, though - I was the tinest girl in my grade until 9th. :-P)

Fast forward at least ten years from the last shot to October 1995 for me in a production of Jesus Christ Superstar - this was the show that really launched my passion for dance. [I took dance lessons my whole childhood, starting at age 2, so I was a very competent dancer; but as a performer, I focused extra attention on singing & acting. Being the Dance Captain of this show (+ losing 20 lbs in the two months of rehearsals!!!) is what turned my attention more seriously to dance.]


  1. What fun pictures! Isn't it fun to walk down memory lane?

  2. I'm so big on nostalgia! I love this stuff! :-)


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