2nd Grade Musical: "The Principal and the Pea"

Last Thursday was Annelise's 2nd Grade Musical: "The Principal and the Pea"

Set in a cafeteria with a cast of students, this short, seven-song musical uses simple rhyming dialogue and hip, imaginative songs to tell the story of a school searching for the perfect principal. Taking its inspiration from the classic Hans Christian Anderson tale, The Princess and the Pea, the kids in this musical, wondering why they’re never asked what they think or what they want, devise the perfect plan when the teachers cannot choose. Of course, the students find the perfect fit, “A grown-up who could not stand peas,” only to find out that their new principal is a fan of…Brussels sprouts! The result is an entertaining, side-splitting musical sure to peas…please. Songs include: Our School; Principals (They Grow Up So Fast); Food Fight; They Never Ask the Kids; Peas; Try It! and Peas (Reprise). [PDF link to the lyrics.] 20-25 minutes.

Annelise rocked her speaking role, telling the audience about the classic The Princess and the Pea tale as inspiration for the kids' principal quest. ♥ So proud!

[Seated at the table, center]
[Front row, center]
[Her line about "a crown upon her head" :-)]
[My favorite pose! :-D]
[Silly girlfriends]
[With her teacher]
[Family love ♥]

The cast was the entire 2nd grade: I realized I never took a complete stage shot, b/c I was always trying to get close-ups. In our last family pic, you can see a section of black risers. There were four full riser sections on both sides of the stage with all of the rest of the grade that didn't have special parts - it was a HUGE production!

I'm so thankful that I was able to attend all three performances. :-) Thursday evening was JB & Will's first spring football practice of the season, so they both came & saw the first show during the day, (Will with his school class and JB worked part of the day from home.)

We'll see if the theatre bug that ruled my life for 20 years nips her now, too... ;-)


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