12th Wedding Anniversary

This weekend was my & JB's 12th wedding anniversary. :-) We went out to an exquisite dinner Saturday night:

The Caprese tower had an orange blossom honey & balsamic reduction; my orecchiette had pancetta, sun dried tomatoes, & almond slices in one of the best marinaras I've ever had; JB had lamb on mushroom risotto with a red wine reduction that had a hint of *kiwi* (brilliant acid alternative!!!); and for dessert, raspberry & champagne sorbetto and the least-cloyingly-sweet tiramisu ever. I LOOOOOOVE FOOD!!!!! :-D

And I reeeeeally love my husband. ;-)


  1. Belated happy birthday! So glad the two of you got to go out to such a nice dinner!

  2. Sorry - that was supposed to be anniversary - not birthday!! I know we don't need any extra of those ;)

  3. Thanks, y'all!!!!!!! :-)
    (No worries, Tracey! ;-))


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