Easter Cascarones & Peepshi

Our Easter celebration was a bit different this year: this was the first Easter morning I agreed to serve on our Praise Team at church, which meant I needed to leave the house at 6:30 AM. There is no "bunny" that is worth getting up before dawn to hunt for eggs! :-D So we surprised the kids by having the eggs hidden & baskets ready Saturday evening when we got home from the beach! (I know many families do it Sunday after church, but the kids were scheming so hard about that possibility, we knew we'd REALLY surprise them this way!) I loved the cascarones (confetti eggs) we added to our celebration this year. You can easily make them, but I just bought a dozen for $2 at the grocery store. :-) Real eggshells, blown out, cleaned, vibrantly dyed, filled with paper confetti, & sealed close with tissue paper - they are so much fun!!! And another Tex-Mex tradition I didn't know about until we moved here:

I was so happy to sing Sunday morning (all 3 services!) and to also be a part of our church's Easter Choir on two songs. :-) After church, we dove into another Blake Easter tradition - making Peepshi! It's candy that looks like sushi: rice krispy treat rice, fruit leather "seaweed", Peeps "fish", M&Ms "wasabi", etc. JB invented this a few years ago, and now it's our favorite!


  1. What a great Easter y'all had! Never heard of cascarones, but they sound like fun!

  2. I had never heard of them, either, but they are so cool! :-)


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