Email Subscription Update

Apparently Feedburner has given up on emailing out our blog post updates! :-( No one has gotten one in their inboxes since the bluebonnets - even though this is the 9th post since then - so I have switched email services over to MailChimp for those of y'all who prefer having the posts sent directly to your inboxes. If you had already subscribed at some point over the last 4.5 years, you've automatically been updated to the new service. :-) If you've never been an email subscriber and would like to be, just enter your email address in the sidebar under the archive list and then confirm it in your inbox. Any questions? Fingers crossed that this new email service works! :-D I guess I'll find out in the morning... ;-) [Let me know if any of y'all have problems with it!]

Coming this week: Moody Gardens; Surfside Beach, Texas; and Easter!