Life Affirming Love

I was blessed to get to spend April 18th this year with my mom. It's not only the anniversary of my dad passing away (17 years ago now) but it's also my Grandmommy's birthday, (she would've been 102.) Until she passed away a year & a half ago, the celebration of her birthday really softened the sadness of the day re: my dad. I'm definitely not a hand-wringing, rocking-back-&-forth, sit-on-the-couch-&-cry-all-day mourner - not AT ALL :-P - but this day *is* significantly less...awkward(?) when I can share it with someone I love who was close with both of them, as well. That's really only three people: my mom, my brother, & my "sister" Wendy. I am so glad my mom's visit was *now*.

The day before, April 17, I took her out to The Brookwood Community - a God-centered educational, residential, and entrepreneurial community for special needs adults with functional disabilities. My friend, Laura, works there and gave us a complete tour. The citizens who live & work there are amazing; it is impossible to visit without having your heart touched so deeply. Talk about life affirming! :-) They do a ton with horticulture, and my mom is queen of the gardeners, so she had a ball in all of the greenhouses. :-D We ate lunch at their café, which is very high-end restaurant quality. It just feels good to be there.

On the 18th, we all went to Moody Gardens, (dedicated post with pics coming soon! :-)) It was perfect: we were on the coast in Galveston = the beach was so special to both my dad & Grandmommy. Moody Gardens is an educational complex of nature museums, and there is nothing more "my dad" than nature education!!! :-D The day after, April 19, we went back down to the coast to a different beach, (another dedicated post in the works.) My mom took two steps out on the beach...and found a perfect angelwing shell. A hug from my dad for sure. ♥


  1. So glad y'all got to spend this time together!!

  2. You view remembrance of loved ones like I do…focus on positive things that remind of us them, not dwell in depression over circumstances beyond our control. :)


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