10th Mother's Day

Almost 10 years ago: my first week as a mother, my mom's first week as a grandmother... As soon as this bundle arrived, she abdicated the throne and took the glory position of Queen Mum. :-D Being Queen is the hardest work...but I'm definitely thrilled to reign for the next ~20ish years. ;-)

On this, my 10th Mother's Day, I didn't get to sleep in. In fact, I think I was probably up even earlier than my 1st! I was tired...but I was honored to get to sing in church this Sunday for all of my fellow mothers and church family. ♥ It just fills my heart so much!

After church, we went out to a delectable Italian brunch right around the corner from our house: prosciutto & melon, pasta salad, Caprese salad, prime rib, omelets, waffles w/ strawberries & cream, breakfast pizza, penne, cheese pizza, pork, chicken marsala, fresh fruit, pastries, cannoli, tiramisu, & (oddly in an Italian place but deliciously Texan) the best tres leches cake I've ever eaten! Here's me & my pumpkin peach sharing a cream & strawberry-smothered waffle:

I am so thankful that God put motherhood in His plan for my life.


  1. Looks like you had a great Mother's Day!! All that food sounds delicious!


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