Beach Hammock

We drove back down to Surfside Beach Saturday morning...b/c we could! :-D It was the *MOST GORGEOUS* day and our last free Saturday for a few weeks. Can I tell you how happy it makes me to be just over an hour's drive to a beach?! The fact that we can just pop down for the morning - early afternoon rocks my world. Beach = happiness.

Ultimate brilliance: setting up our hammock on the beach!!! JB just took the stand apart at home and loaded it into the back of our truck! Since you can drive your vehicle right out onto the beach in Texas, we didn't have to lug all the parts across acres of burning sand. :-) Who doesn't dream of swaying in a hammock on the beach?! ♥

After we'd had our fill of beach play, we loaded up our hammock (& Block Rocker that we'd been playing music on :-)) and drove over to a beachfront café for lunch. It was glorious to sit in the sun, still be out on the beach, and enjoy some burgers & bbq chicken sliders!
(Will was happy, just hungry ;-))
We counted dolphin sightings (3!) before heading home to watch the Kentucky Derby. TOTAL DREAM DAY!!! And it got even better...


  1. Looks like fun! My middle daughter keeps asking when we're going to the beach. We might have to join you one day!

  2. It's LOVELY!!! I know y'all need to be cautious with the strong sun (we really *all* should!) but it's so relaxing to me for a few hours! :-)


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