Reunited After 14 Years

It is *ALWAYS* worth the time to reunite with a precious friend!!!
One of my college roommates was in Houston for just one night Saturday, and it was our first time together in 14 YEARS!!! Stephanie sings & plays harmonium in a talented group that's currently on tour through the southwest; so after our glorious beach day, Annelise came with me into the city for their kirtan (performance with complete audience participation. :-)) It was dreamy to sing & harmonize together, again - we both sang together for years in our college's Concert Choir - and to have her finally meet Annelise in person. ♥ We've kept in close touch over the years via email, then blog & FB, so it truly felt like no time had passed. Annelise just beamed when Stephanie knew all the details of her birthday cake & party last week. :-D

It's always a blessing to have a friend who has witnessed your life path, can *see* the joy radiating from where you are now, and shares that light & love with you. ♥