Celebrations of Learning

Our elementary school doesn't have a massive, school-wide, 3-hour-long Awards Day that everyone must sit through in order to collect a few certificates (if you're lucky. ;-)) Instead, each grade level has their own "Celebration of Learning" on a different day of the week, where parents come into their child's class to see a personal presentation the class has designed to reflect on their year. They usually involve each student reading a poem or essay - such a sweet way to end the year!

Annelise's Bio Poem:

I was so proud of how clearly she spoke, (most kids hid behind their silhouettes :-P) but in case the volume didn't pick up enough:

I caught her & her friend, Avery, hugging during the class slide show - so sweet!!!

With their teacher:

The kids are each given their awards certificates for the year in a manila envelope - so much better than over the course of a long, boring, time-wasting ceremony. :-D Here's Annelise at home with hers:

Will's class presented essays about their favorite parts of the year. The sound on his video clip is awful, so I'll just share that his essay was "Learning New Facts" because in math "I loved the way I learned how to use my long division and multiplication skills. Studies have shown that if kids learn how to use multiplication and division, they could be engineers. I also like the way I get faster and faster on my fast facts. One time I finished with 50 seconds left on the clock!"

Here's Will receiving his certificate folder from his teacher:

"Bye bye, 4th Grade!"


With his great switch class/math teacher:

With his certificates:


  1. Mad props to Will for mentioning "engineer" in his essay! :)


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