School Supply Christmas in July

School is still a month away, but we got almost all our school supplies on Tuesday! #ChristmasForAnnelise

I like the way our school system handles this: you have the choice to buy a prepackaged bundle or you can go buy all of your own. I don't do the bundle, b/c it's more expensive than you can do on your own, and I looooove buying school supplies. :-D They make the supply lists by grade & school, revise them every year, & release them at the beginning of the summer, so you really only need to get what they truly plan to use in your school for your grade. We're rising 3rd & 5th now, and this year's bundles were $67.76 for 3rd & $70.31 for 5th. I spent $66.94 today for almost everything for both grades total. (Still need to get white & manila 12"x18" paper packs and an expandable folder for Sis, b/c she didn't find one she liked.)

Can you see the color themes? Will: red + black = Falcons! Annelise: purple + turquoise = Frozen!

I was excited, Annelise was excited, Will was...resigned. ;-) (He likes supplies; he does NOT like thinking about the end of summer.) Starting next week, cheer & football kick into high gear, so we had to get this done now!


  1. I admit it - I love to shop for school supplies, too!! Thankfully my daughters both enjoy that kind of shopping, too - though I, like Will, don't really want to think about school starting back up again!

  2. I really like shopping for school supplies, too!!


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