Frozen Elsa Twins & Letting It Go

Cue the applause: my control-freak-self let Annelise paint her own fingernails & make a batch of pumpkin muffins without me "helping" at. all. I didn't try to fix her nail edges; I didn't step in to even out the scoops of batter. (I occupied myself with cheer emails, so I wouldn't pay attention to the minutia of what she was doing!) :-D I know I could've *never* stood there & JUST supervised, so I refused to give myself the chance to nose in. I told her to tell me whenever she needed help...and it wasn't until it was time to load the oven. Letting go is not easy. But necessary.

Saturday, Annelise & I had GIRL DAY! (JB took Will & all the football players on a team-building camping overnight. Dedicated post after their return!) We met up with friends for a Frozen morning with Elsa & Anna:
How's THAT for Elsa twinsies?!?! The event even took their picture together for publicity!

Afterwards, we ate Zo√ęs lunch outside by the lake with our friends. (We were CHILLY when the wind blew!!! Under 80°F + cloudy + breezy = goosebumps! Highs back over 90°F tomorrow, but we just got this creepy summer cold front.) We made a craft store run for a bit of (chevron ;-)) fabric + two intricate coloring books she'd saved for; then Sis had a play date while I had bubble tea. Afterwards, Sis & I cleaned Elsa's betta bowl and did all the laundry in the house while marathon-watching Neil deGrasse Tyson's "Cosmos" b/c Annelise loooooves the science of it! ♥ We ended the night, both in my bed, watching "Designing Women" to fall asleep - Southern girly divinity. ♥ (I hadn't actually watched a whole episode in ages, and I really had forgotten how quality all of the writing was – not just Julia's amazing speeches. :-))


  1. Very proud of you for letting Annelise try things on her own! I want to watch Cosmos…I need to add that to my Netflix to-do list when it eventually comes out. OMG…Designing Women! My parents, especially my mom, LOVED that show…I watched it all the time with them when I was a kid.


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