Dominate and Devastate(d)

[Title Cheer] We dominated our football game on the 25th, and the legitimate score *should've* been 18-6. Thanks to 2 blown calls by the refs, we lost by 2 points. Am I still upset? Working on that. Am I disappointed? Yes. Is it going to work to our benefit? YES!!! Now we get to play a fun game this coming Saturday and don't have to worry about a bye-week making us lazy. (Had we won, we would've gotten a bye to the 2nd round.) We will have much better, more productive practices, b/c we *HAVE* to ...and we'll be ready to set this straight when we meet this same team, again, in 2 weeks. We like playing the spoiler & earning bigger trophies over this exact same team during the playoffs, anyway. (Remember last year?!) FALCONS, RISE UP!!!!

Even though we're still feeling stung by the ref flubs, that doesn't take away from how tough we (esp. my precious #24 tearing it up at defensive end!!!) played.

Will pushing past a kid three times his size:

Will right before taking their superstar to the ground:

Head coaches' kids going head-to-head:

My girls & our spirit-sprayed red hair rocked, too!!!

Stay tuned for the next post re: our stunt spectacular halftime dance! It. Was. AWESOME!!!


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