It was divine...

We feasted with our best football friends this Thanksgiving! We brought JB's signature Yukon Gold mashed potatoes; his egg noodles in chicken stock; my signature roasted diced sweet potatoes tossed with ginger/salt/pepper and mixed with dried cranberries & roasted/salted pumpkin seeds; my super-dark gingerbread/pumpkin pudding/cool whip trifle; and the kids' requisite jellied cranberry sauce in a can. ;-) They did the 22 lb. turkey, corn pudding, dressing [do you call it dressing or stuffing? I guess we had both: I call it dressing outside the bird and stuffing inside the bird :-P], green bean casserole, cheesy potatoes [yes, it was potato-overload, but we all have our fave must-have preparations! this was their son's ;-)], a cake, and two pies. Our other friends brought broccoli salad (LOOOVE! cold with bacon & sweet dressing!), jalapeƱo cornbread, and cookies. What are your must-have holiday dishes?


  1. My girls love that canned cranberry sauce, too (though I can't stand it ;) Dressing and sweet potatoes are a must have for me, while one daughter wants green bean casserole and my husband loves the collard greens!

  2. Ours is sweet potato casserole! Your sweet potato dish sounds so yummy!

  3. Is it anti-Southern that I don't like greens? :-P
    Mmmmmm, sweet potatoes are my FAVE!!!


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