Happy Halloween 2014

We reveled with both Annelise's and Will's friends for trick-or-treating this year. First, with Annelise's girlfriends (all of whom have little siblings; she's the only one with an older...which is no fun for Will at all in this group, save the little Ninja Turtle standing beside him, who thinks Will is the coolest guy alive on earth! I am so thankful for this little boy, who is the only reason Will doesn't completely mutiny over our get-togethers. ;-))
[They look so grown up here... ♥]

Off to Will's BFF's house - obviously this clan of boys was much more his style. ;-)

They were both so creative [sarcasm!!!] with their costumes this year. :-P

What *IS* impressive is their Texas-sized candy haul:
To be fair, this is both Will's (above Annelise's arm & giant pixie stick) and hers (below) together...but it's still a TON!!! We use a substantial portion every year to decorate our gingerbread houses (in about a month) so I'm not freaking out over it. :-D


  1. ...And I'm truly shocked at how much is already gone! :-P


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