Let It Go + Too Cool For School

I stopped by school on Friday to pick up Annelise's character pumpkin from the library display, because it was way too heavy for her to have to ride home with on her scooter. She did this project entirely by herself - another personal "let it go" motherhood triumph for me! ;-) I had other ideas, cleaner ideas, easier ideas... But she wanted to make this puppy (yep - it's a puppy), and this is how she wanted to do it. So I let it go & let her own it:

My visit coincided with their lunches, and since their lunchtimes overlap for 3 minutes, I got them together for a few:
Annelise still LOOOVES snuggling me at school - she had her arms wrapped around me the whole time & walked out of the cafeteria with arms outstretched, blowing me kisses. ...But I am officially "embarrassing" now to Will! ;-) "Omigosh, Mom! Don't look over at that table! Don't laugh like that. Don't turn around. You just have NO IDEA how it is in 5th grade..." :-D

(For the record, Will still held my hand when I volunteered at his science programs through last year, so I'm thankful I was cool for even THAT long! ;-))


  1. Ah, you have arrived in the "not always cool" Mom category! :) I've been there for a little while with my older daughter, but I do think it gets better again as they get through middle school.

  2. Oh, Tracey - that gives me so much hope!!!


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