We lost our epic playoff game this past Saturday. By ONE point. 7-6.

It's tough. It still stings. None of us can really believe our playing time is over.

Our season cut short by a week. The Turf Bowl is this coming Sunday. We will still be there to accept our 3rd place trophies at halftime after my cheerleaders do the halftime performance - which will be WONDERFUL! :-) - but yeah... To go down to our rivals, for it to be so close, and for us not to be able to do anything more about it until NEXT AUGUST feels like a punch in the gut.

Will is taking it the hardest. To be honest, I'm glad he cares so much. ♥ He values every extra second he gets with Daddy as his coach.

I know "it's *just* a game," ...but truly, it's so much more to us. It's our ultimate family time together. The days we practice, JB is home from work before the kids even get home from school, (not possible outside the season,) and we're all four united - growing & working together in pursuit of a common goal. Not just hanging out at home together; but outside, moving around, learning, making a positive impact in the lives of not only our own children, but almost 40 others, as well - some of whom don't have the most stable, easy lives at home. I'm not ready for it to be over, yet...

You'd think we'd be burned out. Nope. (Tired, YES. Over it, no. ;-))

My bonded squad looked so cute (literally ;-)) hanging out, waiting for the game to start:

Last action game shots from 2014... I love these kids. They have grown so very much:

Still excited for my girls' performance this coming Sunday, and I know somehow this loss will work out for our best...but I can't lie. I'm having a really hard time shaking it off & moving forward...


  1. Sad with you for how the season ended...hope the performance on Sunday goes well and thankful for how your family enjoys these moments together!

  2. THANK YOU for the most perfect response! ♥ ♥ ♥


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