Off My Wall: Rockstar Style, Punctuality, & Love

Random shareworthies for the week on my mind and off my FB wall:

* I drove the kids up to the corner of school on a cold morning (Annelise = cold allergy¹) last week looking like a ROCKSTAR...And by that, I mean Steven Tyler: lavender/white zebra fleece pj pants, Burberry scarf, fur coat [it was a gift! (feeling the need to clarify why I own a fur coat in southeast Texas ;-))], fuchsia fingerless gloves, & my gold sequin fuzzy clogs:
HA!!!!! I owned it.

¹Annelise breaks out in red hives anywhere the cold hits her skin. It's a histamine reaction, so warming her up doesn't make them go away – it has to run its course – but getting her in the warmth stops them from getting any worse. So thankful she hasn't ever had any breathing problems associated directly with the hives, but I'm always watching for that.

* Felt like a rockstar insider at my fave local teahouse: I asked for a new bubble tea flavor I had in Chinatown...& they got it! (Ginger - but they're not putting it on the menu: it's secret special! ;-))
‪#‎bestcustomer‬ ‪#‎theyknowillbuyit

* No, You Are Not 'Running Late', You Are Rude And Selfish
I know it sounds harsh, but this shared article made me shout, "YEEEEESSSSSSSS!" I spend so much time debating back & forth what time to schedule things, based on when I think chronically late people will actually show. KILLS ME! Of course I'm late occasionally...but then I'm also texting you before we're supposed to meet, telling you I know I'm running behind - not 5 or 10 minutes after you've been sitting there waiting on me. When you're chronically late & it doesn't affect anyone else = whatever. But I STILL don't understand how - if, for instance - you ALWAYS show up between 8:15-8:25 for an 8:00 meeting, anyone could think that isn't rude. It is. If this is a set scheduled thing every week/twice a week/whatever, how are you not constantly adjusting until you get it right? My problem is with people who don't genuinely try to compensate, whose reasoning is, "Oh well. Late is just who I am." People who flippantly excuse themselves as "I just always run late" & consistently leave others sitting around, waiting for them to finally show up are the rudeness here.

* Net Neutrality Simply Explained: if you're reading this, you probably use the internet; and you NEED to know why net neutrality is vital.

* Yay for my alma mater, Davidson, besting my fall-back, Duke!

* 25 Things No One Tells You About Moving To Texas: love!!! :-D

* JB is truly my knight in shining armor! He came home between work & a board meeting last week to help unclog the kitchen sink disposal. (I dranoed but wasn't strong enough to super plunge. Take THAT, old bag salad that didn't want to die!)

* A family friend posted these TBT pics of my parents in Bermuda ~1976. ♥

* Thankful for TWO workout buddies who pushed me at barbell last week, for extra long time under the hot tub waterfall & in the steam room, for the BEST Costco samples (warm honey sunflower seed bread, bbq brisket, spiral-sliced ham on Hawaii bread, chicken & apple sausage, teriyaki meatball, mango probiotic drink, phyllo appetizers, vanilla roasted coconut, & choc chip cookies!!!), for BOGO chestnut praline lattes² at Sbux, for running into a BFF & chatting at Target (unexpected friend interactions MAKE MY DAY!), and for ending up finding almost ALL the stocking stuffers I need (what?!?! sooo not planned!)

²I don't ever usually drink any coffee drinks. If they weren't BOGO, I would've stuck with my chai, but I was happy to try something fun & different for once.


  1. That is an amazing outfit you're wearing in the first pic!! :) I think my 13-year-old daughter would die if I drove her to school in that - even if I never left the car ;)

  2. I was SHOCKED Will didn't refuse to get in the van with me! :-D And in my defense, 1) it wasn't preplanned (obviously! I just grabbed the first things w/in reach in the closet) and 2) I *DID* hide in the van! :-P When I got home, I laughed, and a friend told me to take a pic for proof. :-D


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