Rollercoaster November Start

I've been riding a bit of an emotional rollercoaster these two weeks.

Annelise & I narrowly avoided a huge wreck one car in front of us on the way to tumble last week. (Thanking God for brakes, for making it take 15 seconds longer to get out of the house so we weren't one position ahead at the light, for seat belts, for no one behind us so we didn't get plowed into from the back when we hit the brakes, & for angels holding us back!)

I'm heartbroken for three precious friends who ALL had to let their dogs go in the last week. (Bonnie isn't in bad shape, but she's 12.5 = scary to think...)

Bummed that our football season was cut a week short. (It's more than just a game for us; it's our ultimate family time all together.)

Our dryer just randomly died. (No electricity whatsoever; it just stopped mid-cycle & wouldn't start back.)

Annelise cracked the iPod & accidentally exploded a bubble tea all over inside my cheer bag this weekend.

I went blank & flubbed a step in the 2nd to last song in my Zumba class Monday. (I never miss steps! Thank goodness it was at the end & the members knew I knew what I was doing the REST of class.)

My awesome boss is moving soon for her promotion. (Thrilled for her, not for me. ;-))

Disappointed in several commitments not followed through on.

A nasty cold front has blown in (like deep winter temps!) and will stay put until the middle of next week. I thought I could escape seasonal affective disorder in Texas...but I'm already struggling - and it's not even Thanksgiving, yet! Come back, 68°F... #perfectfall

Came home Saturday, Monday, AND Tuesday to find Bonnie had accidents! WHAT?!?! (Tile floor is nice for not soaking it up, but it also spreads… Ugh. She hadn't had one in AGES! I hope it's not a sign of anything...) :'(

Topping it off: Bonnie also rolled in something nasty outside Tuesday that smelled so bad, I had to bathe her! This is a very rare, messy, dramatic event. *sigh*

Check that - it was rare...until it happened, again, Wednesday!!! :-O I went outside to try to locate whatever grossness she was into: she had a freaking bunny graveyard in the side yard!!!!!!! Three carcasses!!!!! Bones, fur = everywhere! I was beyond livid. And horrified. And disgusted. I made her nasty derrière stay outside until the kids got home to bathe her, again... It was like a horror movie set. :-P I'm not so upset at her natural hunting instincts (actually impressed she's getting so many in our completely fenced-in yard! At 12.5, I don't think she's actually gotten a single thing before in her life until this year!) But to roll in the decomposing nastiness and then run in the house all proud? No stinkin' way. In the 5 minutes between me last peeking at her outside and the kids coming home ( = bath time) B escaped through a brand new fence hole she had just created! (We've been here 2.5 yrs - 1st fence hole escape ever!) THANKING GOD for 2 random neighbor boys who, when I yelled her name out the backdoor, replied, "Your dog got out! But I see her right over here." Bless them. Poor Will had just accidentally dumped water on his pants, but he braved the icy wind, anyway, to jump our fence & bring her back with the leash. We bathed her & removed the stench of death from our home. When we finally sat down to rest & warm up...Annelise dumped her entire freshly-poured bowl of cereal all over the couch cover & blanket. (Did you see above that our dryer has died? Yeah...) I'm trusting that God allowed these vexations for me to share with y'all to make you laugh & be thankful you're not me right now. Numbers 11:17, right? Yay for friends sharing burdens! ;-) :-P :-D

Wet dog. Clean dog. Dog who should feel shame...but apparently does not.

Ready to let all the mess & heaviness go... Be gone! Enter joy!

Thankful for a dry spot in the parking deck on a rainy day, for a BFF who offered her Tiger Balm for my achy shoulders, for the amazing energy in my Zumba class the last two Wednesdays, for *NO* I-10 traffic, for sweet compliments, for bubble tea, for other people who HAVE followed through on commitments, for a rain break as I ran in & out of 2 grocery stores, for all green lights & getting beyond the high school 3 minutes before the school zone speed limit switched on. ;-)

I have a few Zumba coupons for free stuff that I'm supposed to give to my members. I almost forgot Wednesday, but I pulled one of my sweet faithful attendees over after class to let her choose...and she said I have no idea how much she needed this: a close relative of hers committed suicide over the weekend, and this simple kindness was a huge ray of joy in this rough week. ♥ Lord, help purposeful kindness be my default mode...

JB got to work from home one day, so we went out for Peruvian lunch! It was so fresh & delicious!!! Yay for a date day:

I'm also SO PROUD of my Mitey Mite division cheerleaders!!! (This is the whole 1st grade division I also direct; not my beloved Varsity Falcons squad that I coach.) For one of my MM Divisional Director jobs, I choreographed & taught every squad in the division a halftime dance to perform all together last Saturday at their MM Championship Game (which was right after our Falcons playoff game.) These young girls learned the entire dance in 20 minutes two weeks ago, remembered it *ALL* at rehearsal last week, and looked AMAZING on Saturday! They were such a pleasure to work with - so sweet, so EASY, so gratifying!

Saving the best for last: JB's birthday was this Sunday!!! ♥ We celebrated with sushi & hibachi dinner. I am so very thankful for this man who makes my dream life reality!!! ♥ ♥ ♥


  1. So encouraging to read your "thankfuls" even after the rough days you've had!! That lunch looks so good - and I trust that all the ups and downs of these first couple weeks of November will turn into smooth sailing for the rest of the month!!!

  2. Thank you, Tracey! I trust so, too! ;-) :-)


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