Secret Weapons

Every week I wonder, "How can I top our last halftime dance?" I mean, last week's stunt spectacular was already unprecedented in our league. :-) What would be better?

Check out THESE secret weapons!!!

I used the football players!!! :-D I've always wanted to, but I knew JB would never sign off on it. It wasn't until this week, when we knew we had the weakest opponent possible, that *HE* suggested it...and I pounced! It was a wonderful opportunity for my 3 oldest girls, b/c they are always the bases. They never get to fly, b/c none of the other girls can lift them. (Annelise & another little girl were the bookends, only b/c they were the first 2 other girls who got to practice that day.)

To my surprise, most of the boys were SUPER EXCITED to do this!!! I thought they'd be a little embarrassed = no way! They kept saying, "This is where we get famous!" :-D HA!!! A few didn't want to participate, which was completely fine - I only needed 11 of 20 boys...and no, Will was *not* one. :-O Why? He only wanted to hold up one particular girl (shhh! ;-)) and when that's not where he ended up in the formation, he bailed. Boooo! ;-) The others had a ball with it, though. They did not act silly - they were joyfully serious. They wanted to get this right and really took a lot of pride in their stunt!

During practice, one buddy wanted to show he was strong enough to hold me up. HA!

GAMETIME SATURDAY! It was our first playoff game. We should have had a bye this week, but it was a MUCH better experience that we got to play! It kept our heads in the game and prepped us for our whole playoff run.

#24 on the field, #1 in your hearts...


The girls were so closely bonded ♥, the stunt rocked, (the boys are begging to do it, again,) and WE WON 13-0!!!

Victory pizza:

So now, we have locked in 3rd place + trophies! (Only the top 4 teams in the league get trophies.) We have already bested last year's finish (4th place - which was a miracle in itself, seeing as we entered the playoffs seeded 5th against a dirty team that had beaten us twice in the regular season, & the year before, we had only won 1 game) and we are ready to fight for justice this coming week. Against our nemesis team. And flip the script, again. This time, instead of taking their 4th place trophies, we're going for the BIG ONE. Whoever wins our next game goes on to play in the Turf Bowl - our league championship game in a giant stadium with a jumbotron, instant replay, and hundreds of fans!





  1. How neat that you got the boys to participate - great secret weapons!!

  2. What a great idea to use the guys! It looks like fun!

  3. Bless their hearts, the boys are BEGGING to do it, again, tomorrow. :-D That game is WAAAAY too big, though. Unless we're up 30-0, no chance! ;-)

  4. oh that will be great memories for all of the kids. great idea!


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