Trophy Day

Turf Bowl (youth Super Bowl) Sunday for our football league was this week. Even though we *justmissed* playing in the game, our whole team still showed up for our division to support our cheerleaders and get our trophies.

It was a long day for our fam: five divisions (2nd - 6th grades) = five championship games from before 8 AM to after 8 PM. (Since we're 5th grade, ours was 2nd to last, starting ~3:30.) JB was the announcer for EVERY GAME. I started out policing the entrance gate, but it was in a cooold wind I traded up to the press box to become Turf Bowl DJ!!!

When it was time for our Varsity division, I took a DJ break and met my girls down on the field:
They performed our 2014 Hello Cheer, the Pledge of Allegiance, and Texas Pledge to open the game with the other cheerleaders in our division. We then got to wait for our big halftime performance in the field house:

The girls looked amazing in their halftime dance, (if I can get a copy of the video, I'll post it,) and then it was trophy time, since we ended the season in 3rd place:

So proud of our Falcons Family! ♥ [And if you're sick to death of my football posts, there's only one more this season! ;-) Our team party is this Saturday. :-D]