First Week of Christmas Festivities 2014

We've had a sweet week with a few festivities!

Speaking of sweet, random holiday flavor bubble tea news: taro with added ginger tastes like gingerbread cookies! I've always thought taro tasted like baked goods (you can't put your finger on it, but it's almost like liquid cookie flavor?) and with the ginger = mmmmm!

We're doing Advent calendars from Trader Joe's, again, this year. They're the kids' fave:

Last Thursday, we went to a local tree lighting event and actually ran into one of my cheerleaders & her fam. The girls were excited to get their faces painted together & have some photo booth fun! Will didn't want to play with the girls, but he still found a way to enjoy himself. :-D
I was less than amused when it started to drizzle with 20 minutes to go until the tree lighting, so we hid inside with hot, fresh nutella crêpes... ♥
And ran out for the last 30 seconds of the countdown to:

Saturday morning, I took Annelise with me to the Brookwood Community Christmas Pageant & Open House. Brookwood is a God-centered educational, residential, and entrepreneurial community for special needs adults with functional disabilities, and every year, their citizens put on the most precious, heartfelt Christmas show. It is IMPOSSIBLE not to be touched by God there! ♥ This year's show was "Star of Wonder" and as my friend, Laura, summed it up: "We all are stars, shining bright, who must find our purpose."

We got the kids' annual Santa pic Saturday afternoon, (no line! & such a cute set up!)
Annelise asked for the just-discontinued now-elusive 18 pack of Mr. Sketch markers. Will wants mega ex x Pokémon cards. Ummmm...we need some Santa magic over here!!! :-P

Sunday afternoon we baked our requisite, it's-not-Christmas-without-them, family tradition Chocolate-Covered Cherry Cookies and then all the roofs & walls for the kids' gingerbread house decorating later this week. (I have to fill & bake the mold six times to get enough, so since the oven was already preheated after the cookies... ;-))

Christmas festivities still on tap: kids' school sing-along, gingerbread houses, Praise Team Christmas party, Christmas cards, Journey to Bethlehem outdoor walk-through drama, etc.


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